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A 22-member Norwegian delegation interested in the Palestine issue, visited al-Zaytouna Centre on 26/3/2019, in coordination with renowned author and activist Michel Nawfal.

The delegation was introduced to al-Zaytouna Centre’s objectives, departments, activities, and publications. Tarek al-Nahhas, head of the Public Relations and Media Department, displayed the center’s most important publications, which exceeded 170 titles, in addition to the most important series, such as the Palestine Strategic Report, The Palestine Documents and the Palestine Daily Chronicle. Nahhas talked about the center’s conferences and panel discussions, which exceeded 50.

The General Manager of al-Zaytouna Centre Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh informed the delegation of the latest developments of the Palestine issue in general, and the Gaza Strip in particular. Saleh explained also the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, answering guests’ questions and discussing various issues.

With great interest in the Palestine issue and a broad understanding of the Palestinian situation at various levels, the guests had questions on the Palestinian internal scene, the Fatah-Hamas schism, the crisis of the Palestine national project, in addition to the future of the Palestine issue and the chances of a new Intifadah. They asked also about the ideal solution of the Palestine issue from a Palestinian perspective.

Finally, the guests expressed their strong solidarity with the Palestinian people and their aspirations for liberation and independence. They praised the academic experience of al-Zaytouna Centre.



Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 28/3/2019