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Al-Zaytouna Centre participated in the launch of the “International Consultative Council for Palestine (ICCP),” which took place in Putrajaya, Malaysia, on 18/6/2023 at the end of the World Palestine Congress 2023 (WPC2023). The General-Manager of al-Zaytouna Center, Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh agreed to be a member of this council, which is headed by Imam al-Aqsa Mosque and the head of the Supreme Islamic Authority in Jerusalem, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri. The ICCP is an international strategic initiative dedicated to the Palestine issue, and aims to strengthen the Islamic and international support.

After the Launch ceremony, an ICCP delegation visited the Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. The delegation included Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, Emeritus Professor Dato’ Abang Abdullah Abang Ali, chairman of Justice for Palestine Action (JPAF), and Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh.

Saleh also gave a copy of the Palestine Strategic Report, published biennially by al-Zaytouna Centre, to PM Ibrahim, who expressed his appreciation for this qualitative scientific achievement.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 27/6/2023