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Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations in Beirut published a new book casting light on the Israeli Army during 2000–2012. The book addresses, in 86 pages, the establishment of the Army, its structure and arsenal of weapons.

This book is the 24th in the Information Report series prepared by the Archives and Information Department at Al-Zaytouna Centre. The book points out to the great military power maintained by the Israeli military establishment as a part of a strategy that would enable Israel to defeat all Arab countries, supported by its strategic alliance with the US that guarantees this superiority.

The book shows that the military service in Israel is mandatory for every male aged 18-55 years, and for every female aged 18-38. It highlights women’s role of in the Israeli Army where 2010 figures show that women comprised 34% of total army members.

The book casts light on the Israeli external and internal maneuvers, showing that the Israeli Army has conducted many drills under codenames such as Turning Point, Stones of Fire, and Orange Flame, etc. It also shows that the Israeli Army has often conducted joint exercises with the participation of different countries, most importantly the United States where the Israeli Air Force has conducted annual joint exercises with the American Air Force, around half of which are in the USA.




Title: al-Jaysh al-Israeli 2000-2012 (The Israeli Army 2000-2012)

Editor: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh

Managing Editor: Rabi‘ al-Dannan

Published in: 2013, (1st edition)

Paperback: 86 pages, 14*21 cm

Price: 2 $

This report is available fully for free download on al-Zaytouna Centre’s Arabic Website. ( Download)

The book reveals that the Israeli military industry is considered one of the pillars of the Israeli Army and economy. It talks about the missiles manufacturing enterprises in Israel most important amongst which is Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, and the most important defense systems including the Iron Dome, Patriot and Arrow.

Regarding the military budget, the book cites a report issued by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics on 14/2/2013, which says that the share of security expenditure amounted to around 16.5% of the general budget in the recent years, around $17.5 billion, which is 6.7% of the gross domestic product in Israel.

Regarding Israeli foreign military relations, the book asserts that Israeli exports constitute one of the pillars of foreign military relations that generate billions of dollars where Israel was the fourth leading supplier of arms to the world in 201.

The report addresses the problems and challenges facing the Israeli Army, including the weak strategic depth, the deterioration of deterrence capacity, the imbalance of the strategy of moving the confrontation to the enemy’s field, the financial, moral and political corruption, military service evasion, suicide, and the changes in the military and political environment.

The Information Report series was launched by the Information Department of al-Zaytouna Centre in early 2008. It aims at providing periodical, informative, concise and well-documented information set on selected issues of concern on the Arab and Muslim World, specifically the Palestinian issue.

To download the report, follow this link:
>> Information Report (24): The Israeli Army 2000–2012  (in Arabic, 86 pages, 1.06 MB) (Right Mouse Click then “Save Target As”)

Source: Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, Beirut 30/4/2013

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